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Random Bhtch
Right in the Cup

Bhtch Stats
Total Songs: 418
Total Song Length: 24:51:20
Song With Most Instances of Bhtch: Bhtch Digger (26)

Best 10
Bhtch By Bhtch (10.00)
Hangover Head (9.60)
Batshit Messiah (9.58)
The Fantabulous Tale of the Poopie Monster of Poopie Monster LLC (9.50)
You Can Go Fuck Yourself (Why Don't You Go Fuck Yourself?) (9.50)
Texas Klotz (9.50)
Nookie with a Wookiee (9.14)
Blow Pop (Better Than Cows) (9.08)
Officer Blob (9.00)
My Ethcalade (9.00)

Worst 10
Goin' Back for Seconds (2.00)
Creamy Jell-o Molding (2.00)
Tracy (2.25)
Stuffin' (2.50)
I'm a Stone (2.56)
Chili Peppers in my Cranberry Sauce (2.60)
The Ahi Tuna Story, Part I (2.61)
The Ruins (2.67)
Hendrix Goiter (3.00)
Giblet Gravy Funk (Werewolves of Kenosha) (3.00)

Most Offensive 10
Thanks For The Fisting, Mom (10)
I'm Not Fucking Stupid (But I Used To) (9)
The Unstoppable Hose Truck (9)
Old Style Bhtch Part Two (9)
That's What We Call a Rape! (Another Stilly Love Song) (9)
Old Style Bhtch Part One (9)
Jailbait (9)
I'm Not Fucking Fat Chicks No More (9)
Blow Pop (Better Than Cows) (9)
Raped by a Donkey (8)

Least Offensive 10
She (1)
Greenland (1)
Scrambled Mess (Gyrate) (1)
My Goldfish Left Me (1)
Funk In F (1)
Funk In A (1)
And Neither Did Anthony (1)
Hairbo (Halfway Between Black and White) (1)
The Infield Song (1)
Hairbo Blues (1)

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