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The very first Bhtch session. Held on a whim over the Winter Break in Hairbo's garden-level apartment, it is really little known why the intrepid four original members decided to start Gyrating Bhtch. And while it is not known why the band decided to start playing together, it is known where the name came from. The music video for Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was on, and when the crack-whore anarchist cheerleaders came on screen Toughpaque remarked "Gyrating Bitch", and Brickyard screamed, "Now THERE'S a name! But we have to spell it with an 'H'."

There were several remarkable things about the first recording session. The first was the manner in which it was recorded--and therefore preserved for all time. There were no original plans to record at all, but Toupaque insisted on recording the moment, and so he taped a cheap Radio Shaq microphone to the wall, and stuck a second, even cheaper microphone in the Christmas tree Hairbo and his mother stole when it fell off the back of a delivery truck on Church Street in Skokie. The second was that Toupaque ate an entire bag of Cheetos Cheese Popcorn and then became violently ill (pronounced "eeowww"). The third was the presence of the Magical Musical Thing. This remarkable machine was the key instrument during these sessions. It was amplified by taping a broken set of headphones around the MMT to act as a microphone, then plugging the headphones into the amp which accompanied the Gorrilatar. Note the way it sounds when rubbed furiously on Chickenshake's head. On Day Two, The Blowman joined the Troupe, and the future looked bright...

Ben's Apartment

session date: 1991-12-26
number of songs: 20
session length: 13:16:30
overall rating: 6.15

More Than Words *
Bass Stuff *
Echo *
Enter Sandman *
Introductions *
Men Among Boys (You Just Have to Jam Until You Find the Groove) *
Ooooh Itchy Momma Fuck Your Daddy in the Bed Song
Walking Down the Street on a Sunny Day While it's Raining
Scrambled Mess (Gyrate)
My Goldfish Left Me
Bein' Productive
Goin' to the Big Burrito
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Funk In F
Red House
Funk In A
Crust Between George's Teeth Funk
Tribute to Garth Brooks
Sesame Street Blues, Part One *
Sesame Street Blues, Part Two
* = bonus track