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This is widely considered Bhtch's first "album", and it was recorded under the most strenuous of circumstances. Similar to the stretch where Joe Perry wasn't a member of Aerosmith, The Blowman could almost be considered to not have been a member of Bhtch during this session. He had moved to Boston, and the remaining members of Bhtch decided to soldier on without him to record a Christmas album, and so enlisted the guitar help of the "John-Meister". Mr. Meister seemed a willing participant up until the point when recording was supposed to begin, at which point he announced that he would rather go to the art museum with his sister. Members of Bhtch were not pleased, but nonetheless recorded the basic tracks to Christmas at the Road Pantry and Yuletide Balls of Cheese. When the "John-Meister" finally did show up, the band had barely three hours of his services in which to record an entire album's worth of material, but that's what they did, and a long tradition of writing Bhtchmas songs began that cold, stressful day in Toupaque's mother's living room. This album has produced many of the top Bhtch hits, and went on to spur such timeless Christmas classics as "Hanukah Goat", "Metal Full of Mouth" and "Testicles".

Merry Christmas Bhtch

session date: 1992-11-20
number of songs: 10
session length: 02:04:43
overall rating: 7.31

Christmas at Briskman & Briskman
Country Christmas
Christmas at the Road Pantry
Yuletide Balls of Cheese
Druid Christmas
Del Santabo
War, Killing, Racist State
The Jesus Song
Happy Fuckin' New Year
Merry Christmas Bhtch
* = bonus track