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The Marathon Sessions are the greatest feat in the history of the universe. Six Bhtches - 26.2 songs - one day. Sounds impossible, I know, but, well, there you go.

The really HOT part is that on the very next day, Toughpaque Bougheurgh ran a traditional marathon in WAY under four hours. Pretty good - but this Bhtch Marathon clocks in at under 32 minutes. That's a great time even for the cripple marathoners!

This session featured a number of rules - most of which we followed to the letter - if that letter were "K". But the one rule we did manage to essentially follow was no song longer than Bef (2 minutes, 2 seconds). One song was longer, but it was a song about songs that we didn't record, so, you know, it sorta doesn't count and stuff.

So, sit back, relax, and thank you for riding Bhtch.

Marathon Sessions

session date: 2005-10-08
number of songs: 28
session length: 02:00:13
overall rating: 7.93

Riding Bhtch
Saint Chorizo
Hot Dog Police (Gettin' It to the Show)
No, No, No!!
Filmstrip I
Fuck Boy
The Bhtches the Bhtches, the Hos the Hos
Can You Drive a French Motorcycle?
All Grab
My Ethcalade
Funky Hair Grease
Filmstrip II
Bitches in da Alley
I Need You in the Groin
Donkey Down
Shelby's on Fire (and Her Pants Can't Take It)
Ten Gallon Pants
Booger at Rest
Game Winning Shit
(which i peed on)
Return of Old Style Bhtch
Baby on My Johnson
Ballsack Hoochie-Mama!
Songs We Didn't Do
Filmstrip III
Return of Old Style Bhtch (take 1) *
* = bonus track