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Llangollen, a house of understated elegance, built by a Denver architect in the seventies on six acres of a partly forested hillside, is a perfect place for two to four people who desire comfort and deep quiet. It is one of two dozen secluded properties along a 2.5 mile private road in the Devils Gulch area of Estes Park, some four miles out of town, a little less than an hour's drive from Boulder and ninety minutes from Denver International Airport via the new toll road.

The basic design of the house is very simple: a split-level L-shape. But wood and glass work together with exposed beams and complex rooflines to create a striking interior space with heights up to 20 feet and windows that take full advantage of the surrounding views. The geometric and symbolic centre of the house is a covered porch in the knee of the L with commanding views of Longs Peak and Meeker. Sitting on this porch you appreciate the accuracy of Isabella Bird's remarks in "A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains" (1881):

"...and all the beauty and glory are but the frame out of which rises heaven-piercing, pure in its pearly luster, as glorious a mountain as the sun tinges red in either hemisphere the splintered, pinnacled, lonely, ghastly imposing, double-peaked summit of Longs Peak, the Mont Blanc of Northern Colorado."

Llangollen Sessions

session date: 2008-10-26
number of songs: 19
session length: 03:38:15
overall rating: 5.72

We Are Going to Fuck Some Shit Up
600 Whorespower
I've Got Meat Sweats (Just Like Bong)
Mike's Italian Vacation
Dolphin Dangerous Tuna
Texas Instruments Killed My Family
Boom Control
I Like Portland a Lot
Thanks For The Fisting, Mom
Let It Be Lowenbrau
Brian White Boogie
I'm Not Fucking Fat Chicks No More
Rear Heat Parts One & Two
Texas Instruments Killed My Family (Alternate Version) *
We Are Going to Fuck Some Shit Up (Hits) *
Dolphin Dangerous Tuna (False Start) *
Let It Be Lowenbrau (Stuff) *
Let It Be Lowenbrau (Phtch Shift) *
* = bonus track