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The Boston Sessions is generally considered to be the greatest session in Bhtch history. Outside of the Captain Flywheel session, this is the longest Bhtch session to date, clocking in at three solid days. Recorded in Hairbo's parents' living room, the echo-y wood and glass gives the low-tech recording a warmth the other sessions can only envy. Famous for, among other things, the flourescent buzz emanating from Hairbo's bass rig and the Blowman's subsequent departure for, of all places, Boston. Consider the greatness of day three alone: Hot Little Number -- A classic guy meets girl song with a twist! One of GB's most misogynistic songs! Scat Song -- An apex of vocal perfomance, and one of Mark's greatest solos. AND the Foghorn Leghorn beginning. Friends Donít Let Friends Drive Fords -- One of Russell's greatest lyrics and vocals. Perfect. American Maid -- Roy-roy bass and a huge 10 minute solo make this an all-time Bhtch classic. Who Farted -- What can I say. Again, perfect. Cheeseballs Pt. 3 -- Are you gonna stop fucking around, or what? Magic Bass -- Our first and only song with the Magic Bass. Wow. May be the inspiration for our next Opera! Rubber Fucky -- A timeless Bhtch anthem. The guitar riffs stick to your ribs for weeks. "Instead, I was hit on by a couple of guys..." Blow Pop (Better than Cows) -- Better than Cows is the understatement of the decade. Possibly the greatest Gyrating Bhtch song of all time. Actually, it's possibly the greatest song of all time. Mirror -- Sure it's a rehash, but it has it's moments. After all of the above, our creativity was spent to say the least. It DOES rhyme Eldorado with Colorado! Bhtch Bucket Bozo II -- Did this ever really get a name? Further emphasizes that we had shot our collective wad. Scheduled for 45 minutes -- lasts about two. But has one great moment: After the music stops, Russell screams, "FUCK!" with all of his remaining energy. Wow. Wow. Wow.

Boston Sessions

session date: 1992-10-23
number of songs: 41
session length: 34:00:39
overall rating: 8.58

Donkey Shins *
Prisoner Introduction *
Prisoner *
Hup Hup Hup *
King's X Version of Rawhide *
Pleiades *
Hendrix Penis *
Bite It Test *
Fat Guy on a Bike
Beep *
Hairbo's Lament
Neckbone Blues (Take One) *
Neckbone Blues
My Own Personal Road Pantry
Hangover Head
Whoops *
Palos Heights
Gurnee Mills
The Dance Song
I'm a Stone (False Start) *
I'm a Stone
Eagle Talon
Cheeseballs, Part Two
The Produce Section
Hot Little Number
Start Me *
Scat Song (False Start) *
Scat Song
Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Fords
American Maid
Hey, Who Farted?
Cheeseballs, Part Three (False Start) *
Cheeseballs, Part Three
Magic Bass
Rubber Fucky
Blow Pop (Better Than Cows)
Failure *
* = bonus track