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Gyrating Bhtch's second recording session at Llangollen, Fuck This & Fuck You is GB's most professionally recorded work to date, largely due to Toops' burgeoning engineering prowess. The session is marked by girthy guitar tones, pristine overdubs, and Yard's new sampling device, allowing the session to cannibalize itself in a very unique way. The songwriting is rather mature, which is surprising, given the Bhtch's repeated displays of apathetic drunkenness and brazen sloth, thanks mostly to Scotch, Apes, and clown York whores. If this record doesn't appeal to you, you can go fuck yourself.

Fuck This & Fuck You

session date: 2010-10-16
number of songs: 12
session length: 01:44:16
overall rating: 8.52

Don Ameche and His Flaming Boxes of Kleenex
A, E, I, O, U and Sometimes BHTCH!
Texas Klotz
You Can Go Fuck Yourself (Why Don't You Go Fuck Yourself?)
Girthy Carriage
A Bhtch in Time
Officer Blob
Danger in Numbers
The Fantabulous Tale of the Poopie Monster of Poopie Monster LLC
Boobs & Trains
The NECCO Wafer Waltz
Officer Blob (Full Blob) *
* = bonus track