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Debate rages about what this session, the first significant session in Bhtch history, should be called. Some say "The Basement Tapes", because it was recorded in Hairbo's parents' musty cellar; others call it "The Garage Days" because it's funny to do so. Whatever the title, this Bhtch session marks the birth of modern Bhtch as we know it: long songs, samples and strange, cryptic lyrics. This session also featured the first steps towards writing more complex music when Hairbo shouted "go to E!!!"

Day One

The first great GB day, a large part of Day One was given over to getting the levels of the first serious recording up to snuff. As a result, Hairbo was extremely irascable the majority of the day, barking at his Bhtch compatriots with such commands as "Did you move that mic?" and "I know what I'm doing." It also featured the unveiling of the pedestal and Big Burrito cup as items to be worshipped. Some say those idols blessed Bhtch to create great songs; others say they just took up space.

Day Two

Day Two holds the greatest visual Bhtch moment of all-time. During the recording of the epic "Bhtch Bucket Bozo", several pictures were taken of Chickenshake playing guitar. Now, what a picture does is to capture a moment of animation in time and preserve the translated still in perpetuity. But, the amazing thing about these pictures is that you can tell that Chickenshake ISN'T MOVING in real life, even though the expression on his face and his physical attitude suggest motion. A classic.

Basement Tapes

session date: 1992-08-20
number of songs: 25
session length: 80:11:31
overall rating: 7.45

Test Recording *
I Ran Over My Ex-girlfriend (Take One) *
Mr. Audio Engineer *
I Ran Over My Ex-girlfriend (Take Two) *
Spinal Bhtch Gyrating Tap *
Satan Song
The Unstoppable Hose Truck
Have You Ever Seen a Group of White Boys
Bite It
Go Fucking Nuts *
Sasquatch Spackle Meat (Take One) *
Sasquatch Spackle Meat (Take Two)
Wow I Didn't Get Shocked *
Not Just For The Dead *
No Richard
Brud is my Hero
Phineas O'Connor
The Mailman
In The Studio Tonight *
Goofus and Gallant Blues
Bhtch Bucket Bozo
* = bonus track