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Captain Flywheel and the Produce Section (live)









The Pitch and the Catch
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen for coming out today
To see my demonstration, to hear what I have to say
For what you are about to see will both surprise and amaze
My one of a kind food machine works in so many ways

Ah, Horace Dryer from the grocery, so glad you could attend
When what I've come to do is done, you may have first taste, my friend

Horace, go now, there's nothing to do
Save yourself and grow us anew
Sensible veggies are not such a find
Don't let this weigh heavy on your mind

You are my friends trapped in this lair
Watching you suffer is too much to bear
I know I must act, I know what I what to do
Stop this contraption 'fore it starts to chew

I'll get in its brain, use my fix-it trick
But with a twist so it won't work a lick
I know I can do it without that old hide
I'll just let my conscience be my guide

No, Horace no! Most certainly not!
It's immoral to change its lot
A machine's a machine, what it's chosen to be
You can't change its will from a will which is free

I hear what you've said and I've paid you heed
If I had my choice, I'd much rather bleed
I know that you're right, but I will not waver
There is no use for a moral lifesaver

Lend me your attention as I flip this switch to the right
And show you this wonderous machine, and bring all of its uses to light
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