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Bein' Productive
Gotta get up in the morning
And fix myself breakfast
Gotta take a shower
And find some clothes fast
Get in my car
And drive to someplace
To get something done
Before it's too late, yeah

Come here, go there, buy this, sell that, take this, get that, do this, do that hell no
I gotta be productive

So I'm driving my car
And I got to someplace
But I couldn't do nothing
'Cause I forgot the invoice
So I'm standing there
In this big warehouse
Waiting for my boss
To tell my I'm stupid

Come here, go there, take this, ship this, buy that, get that, do this, do that, hell no
I gotta be productive

I gotta get on home
To take off my shoes
And crawl into bed
To sleep away my blues
Because in the morning
I gotta get up again
To hit the town
And be productive
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