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Sack of Religion
I'm feeling piss purple
As I listen to the preacher man preach
Words of wisdom, truth and pity
It's all dirt and dogshit to me
Read the book for what you want it to say
Dollar signs flash before your eyes
Promote yourself to excess
In the shadow of the great unknown

Little old ladies falling to their knees
Begging forgiveness for sins they never did
They're feeling piss green
Indebted to a man they've never seen

Rob the trustful and disheartened
Preach humility and love
Pass the plate round for your legal fees
Leave your people piss poor
I've read the book for what I want it to say
And it says I don't like you
You walk on the back of the meek
Don't you feel piss yellow?

I put my faith in me, I put my faith in you
I can smell, touch, taste it
See, sense, feel it
It ain't lost in the ether

If I fail, then it's me.
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song length: 00:03:25

song rating: 7.88

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