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Follow Your Dreams
Such chances should not be taken
By such a pathetic kind of a man
Each attempt, no matter the effort
Rivals the last in absolute vanity
But despite my success at my failure
The point is irrelevant to it all
A grocer cannot be full of joy
When his whole heart is otherwise

Your limits are ruled by confidence
A lack of trust within yourself
Rampant humility has crushed your spirit
And soon to follow will be your health

Follow your dreams, be true to yourself
Let your conscience be your guide
There is nothing that you can't do
Without that ragged, musty hide

Holy asparagus! Vegetables who talk
Though what you say is hardly true
Without my garb, my fix it trick
I've tried until my face is blue

If you follow this advice
Your life will change and be quite lofty
And with some luck and confidence
May come the love of Mindy Coffey

I cannot believe what I hear
Beyond my surprise at the source
But really, I don't want to change
I'm used to living with great remorse

A grocer you are most certainly not
Produce or Else was sure to fail
But your fix-it shop would be a success
For miles they'd come to your year-round sale

I'd like to be what you've prescribed
In your manner, so verbose
It does seem odd, you must admit
To take advice from cellulose
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