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Captain Flywheel and the Produce Section (live)









All Thumbs
This small town's the perfect place
To venge that fruit cast at my face
When my blenders all embrace
My circus past I shall erase!

Appliances are the most wonderful things
All of those bells and whistles and rings
But at my touch they just fall apart
A plight that's led to my unsettled heart

Sure, I guess everything's okay
A convenience store selling candy and pop
The work's not bad and so's the pay
But I'd rather work in an appliance shop

It's been this way since I was young
I broke all my toys, which wasn't much fun
wherever I go, this hex always comes
with every machine, I'm simply all thumbs

What keeps a glimmer of light each day
That captain flywheel might take me away
With his flywheel strength in his flywheel arms
To me and machines he has limitless charms.

Oh! My clock's stopped! I'll need some potatoes
The produce section's are grown in barbados
Harvey? Harlan? What's that guy's name?
Horace! That's it? He's cute but so plain.
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