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Captain Flywheel and the Produce Section (live)









Candy Bar
Well I'm sittin' in my store
Lookin' over my greens
When 'cross the street comes a woman
Prettiest thing I've ever seen
She comes dat Caucasian Chicken
Where she runs da whole shop
She's got her eyes on a sack of potatoes to run her potato grandfather clock

Lord, you should see my woman
She's got soft brown hair
Lord, you should see my woman
Strutting from her convenience store
Take a good look at my woman
Take the wrapper off your candy bar

You see, she's hella no good with machines
Seems to break 'em alla time
She's got herself a simple timepiece, runs on veggies
I sell her the whole sack for a dime
She and I, we both like appliances
She wants a store of her very own
I want to make that dream come true, so that we never have to be alone

Can't stop looking at my woman, though she hardly knows I'm alive
Can't stop looking at my woman, cute White Hen blouse, big cheese eating thighs
She worships Captain Flywheel, wants to be his girl
If I could only tell her, I could rule her world.
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