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Blender Vendor
Excuse me, miss. Are you the manager of this establishment?
Then, may I have a word with you

Madam, may I introdue this humble man before you
A man named Neal Stovey who would ask to use this store you
Manage in your very own idiomatic way
I've something for you today

To set my wares here in your store
To set up my blenders by the score
To set up your patrons for miles and miles
To set up vegetables for their demise

What is this, you may suspect?
This surplus skin around my neck
Well, never mind my dear
You see, this is your lucky year
Blender Vendor's my nom de guerre
And I'll use your store to vend my wares
A demonstration's what it is
Blender exhibits are my biz

Then I'll grind, grind cucumber and peas!!
Grind, grind potatoes, beets and leeks!!
Puree, liquify all the greens that I can see!!
And put an end to my past with freaks

So come tomorrow when the sun is at its hottest
I shall return with my show, ever so modest
And thank you young Miss Coffey, for lending me your time
Now, get back to business, and I'll get to mine
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