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Date and a Break-in
Mindy, I've come here to the Caucasian Chicken
To ask you a question that's been stickin'
In my throat, so baby please don't say no
Would you like to go to a dinner and a show?

Go out with me, to Paris or Rome
Go out with me, or maybe just stay home

Horace, don't think that I don't like you
Horace, it's not that I don't want to
But you see, I've got a lot of work
Please don't think that I'm a jerk

Go out with me, I got tickets to the Bullsssss
Go out with me, the art museum's close

Horace, you're a really nice guy
And Horace, it's so cute of you to try
But I still have a lot of work
I hope you don't think that I'm a jerk

Go out with me, expensive meal or cheap
Go out with me, would the pyramids be neat?

Horace, I appreciate the thought
But I really don't think I ought
I've just got all this work
I'm not trying to be a jerk

Go out with me, to appliance stores around
Go out with me, we'll tour every one in town

Horace, I would love to go out with you

Anyone about? No? Hell yeah....
Well my name is Neal, and I'm stealin' this cucumber
Tomato, this apple, and even them prunes
On homeboy's damn produce, I'm gonna do a number
When I grind 'em, purree 'em, and pound 'em into juice
No one, but no one's going to stop my demonstration
On the lettuce, the berries, the guavas and the peas
Muthafucka, I got ta got ta vent all my frustration
The sale of my blender's gonna spread like a disease
Hell yeah!!
In and out the store, 'cause I prowl like a thief
Got the veggies in the sack, on my back, goin' out the door
Take these damn greens, and grind 'em in belief
That my super-demo floor show will help me be adored

Well that was fun
Here, I just wanted to show you my...
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