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Merry Christmas Bhtch









Del Santabo
When we found out he had to go
To make it worse, it started to snow
We made no connection at the time
But now, it's clear it was a sign

We found out Mark is really Santa Claus
On our roofs we hear the sound of reindeer paws
That cute goatee was not a fluke
If he gives us a ride, I'm sure I'll puke

When he left in his red convertible
We thought he could not be forgiven
But the Patron Saint of Venice
Turned out to be the Patron Saint of Children

One day, maybe he'll come back
I, for one, sure hope he'll show
For our music he has quite a knack
But, for now, Mark's employed as Santabo

On Christmas Eve, he wears a big red fat suit
He has a sack that's filled with all our loot.
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