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The NECCO Wafer Waltz
The first American candy machine was built by Oliver Chase
His candy sold well enough; he made his business case
In 1847 he teamed up with his brother
And together as Chase and Company they made candy like no other

Orange and licorice
Lemon and lime
Chocolate and cinnamon
Clove and wintergreen

Donald MacMillan took them on his Arctic expedition
He gave them to the Eskimos and used them for nutrition
Admiral Byrd did Don one better when camping at magnetic south
He took two tons of NECCOs to fill his hungry men's mouths

Orange and purple
Yellow and green
Ivory white and pink
Brown and black

World War Two necessitated The Great NECCO Freeze
The government had to take them all for our troops overseas
Because they do not melt and survive all transportation
NECCO wafers essentially brought down Axis Nations

NECCO ingredients
Sugar and gums
Corn syrup and flavorings
Color and gelatin
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