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Hairbo the Canadian Shepherd
SLIDE 10: Carl takes leave of Brickyard out of the forest

“Surely a tradition practiced by so many could not have such nefarious roots,” thought Carl, as the star led him out of the woods for cooler climates. And as he walked, he realized with surprise that Christmas had different meanings to Toughpaque and Brickyard. How could it not mean the same thing to each person? Maybe his purpose was not so clear after all. “Perhaps,” he thought, “this quest is about the one, true meaning of Christmas!”

SLIDE 11: Carl goes to Canada and meets Hairbo

He bemoaned having no idea of the answer. And as his mind pondered the matter at hand, his feet carried him to a snow-covered hill, where he met Hairbo the Canadian Shepherd, who was tending to his flock of geese.

Carl said to Hairbo, “I need to know what Christmas means. Fair shepherd, what does it mean to you?”

SLIDE 12: Hairbo Haikus away!

Fear flickered in Hairbo’s weathered face, and he said:

Terror and fury
Gifts taken, pain inflicted
Santa The Loathsome

“Santa The Loathsome,” queried Carl. “Who is he?”

Said Hairbo:

A big red fat suit
Comes down your chimney with gifts
Leaves them under tree

“He’s loathsome for leaving you presents?” asked Carl, now thoroughly confused.

And Hairbo said with finality:

Lazy man
Won’t do his own work
We get screwed
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