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The Queen the Leprous Beggar
SLIDE 16: Carl upset leaving the Blowman

“Is there no one to show me the way,” said Carl, as he walked away from The Blowman. “Can not even Santa himself affirm the goodness of Christmas?”

SLIDE 17: Carl meets with the Leper. Maybe he’s makes a point to keep his distance?

So Carl followed the star to the south, and after many a day’s journey, he came to a warm place where he found The Queen the leprous beggar. Carl looked at The Queen’s tattered rags and scaly skin, and thought, “this man who looks so poor must be rich in spirit. He will help me.”

Carl said, “Queen, I need to know what Christmas means. I have traveled far to seek the answer, but I am no closer to finding the truth. You must help me.”

SLIDE 18: The Queen limericks away

And the Queen looked at Carl and said:

There once was a man named The Queen
Who kept getting gifts quite routine
More cars, boats and houses
From friends and from spouses
When he just wanted stuff that’s obscene
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