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Chickenshake the Arthritic Farmer
SLIDE 19: Carl departs from The Queen, further confused

“And now I have met somebody who hates all the gifts he receives,” laughed Carl. “Christmas must be a time of joy and celebration, yet I have not encountered a single soul who feels that way. My guiding star is perhaps not such a good guide after all,” he thought doubtfully.

SLIDE 20: Carl approaches Chickenshake amongst much flax

But despite his doubts, Carl journeyed on. He walked through green pastures until he came upon fields teeming with golden flax, and he came upon the man who tended them, who is called Chickenshake The Arthritic Farmer.

“Chickenshake,” said Carl, “How long have I traveled following yonder star, searching for the true meaning of Christmas. But I am ready to give up. Such people I have met! Each more miserable than the last. Please, high farmer, tell me something happy.”

SLIDE 21: Chickenshake weaves his tale

Chickenshake pulled on his pipe, and thusly did speak:

In earlier times, before I was a farmer
You might laugh today, but I was quite the charmer
I had a way with the maidens; the courting would start
But as I’d fall in love, they would depart

Once in October, took off with some fink
Another November, she told me, “you stink”
A third in December, whereabouts unknown
And therefore, each Christmas, I was all alone

And so, weary traveler, that is my tale
And I certainly wish that joy could prevail
But each year reminds me I have no true love
That is my Christmas and my feelings thereof
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