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On the Bed Nekked
Hey Frank Himel, let me tell you a tale
Of one fine lass, who’s a fine piece of tail
I met her at the gym, we were playing kickball
She was the one with the hair, thought I’d give her a call

Now I’m a freshman, you see, but I still know the score
You wanna get with the chicks, and then give ‘em what for
So I invited her over for some popcorn and coke
And then, if I was lucky, I’d give her a poke

But you know she’s fifteen, and them girls can be coy
They want lovin’ and huggin’, and a dumb-assed stuffed toy
But this girl was different, see, that was the thing
She brought beer and a bong and a bag of onion rings

She filled up the bong and went straight for my stash
Within the space of five minutes, we was high on the hash
She talked about the boys, and she spoke with a glow
Of you and Bill Rooney, and some dude named Swedlow

Now, I’ve been with the ladies, but not one like this
She got me so horny, I sure had to piss
She lay on my bed and took toke after toke
And her tongue did this thing whenever she spoke

I had to make a move, on that girl with the hair
I mean, for pete’s sake, she was lying right there!
But I got real nervous as she sucked on that beer
‘Cause I was damn sure that she thought I was queer

So I gathered myself and marshaled my courage
But I wanted to be sure I could act with a flourish
So I went to the bafroom, ‘cause I had to pee something wicked
And when I came back, she was ON THE BED NEKKED!!!

Now you know what I did, because you did it, too
So did Rooney and Swedlow and half the team Crew
But I didn’t care, ‘cause I’d sown my seed
But then I found out: bitch took my weed!!!
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song length: 00:03:54

song rating: 8.50

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