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Gurnee Mills
Goin' to Gurnee Mills
Goin' to Gurnee Mills
Goin' to Gurnee Mills
The world's largest outlet mall

I'll get me some coffee
At Gloria Jean's Coffe Bean
A quarter pound of meat
At Burger King

Hairbo gets boots at
Banister Shoes
A scoop from Haagen Dazs
Takes away my blues

I'll get an ACA Joe t-shirt
at ACA Joe
I'll get whatever you get at

Need a wrench or two from
The Tool Warehouse
Toy Liquidators has
Anything with Mickey Mouse

They got Amy's Cards and Gifts
And the Brass Factory
They got the Secaucus Handbag Outlet
And the Lingere Factory

They got Polly Flinders
and the Star Factory
They got Affordable Opticals
And the Watch Factory

The Casual Male
Learnin' Braile
Camelot Music
I'm afraid I'll lose it

The Nature of Things
Gives me my wings
Cory Everson Fitness
Can I get a witness?

Fadz keeps me up on
the latest trends
Villa Pizza
Well it gives me the bends

Remington Factory Outlet
When I need a shave
Gurnee Mills
It's the way to save
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