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Hey, Who Farted?
Hey, who farted?

Why you always thinking somebody farted?
Why you always thinking that it smells?
Have you ever noticed it smells real bad in a room where you're departed?

Why don't you ever shower?
Or use some baby powder on your stinky, smelly feet?
That would smell oh, so sweet

Why don't you take a shower?
Cleanliness will give you power
You fat sack! Don't you come back
Until you're cleaned up and smellin' sweet

Always smellin' up the place
With oil, pus and zits on your face
Use some deodorant on your armpits
Do you always have the shits?

Why don't you take a shower, you fat sack?

Take a shower
Oh please, take a shower
Take a bafffffff
And people won't run out your pafffffff

Smells so good in here now
Can't you tell the difference?
You took a shower
It gave us all the power

Sorry about calling you a fat sack.
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song length: 00:05:56

song rating: 8.00

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